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Looking for a skilled urologist specializing in vasectomy procedures in Topeka, Leavenworth, or Emporia, KS?  As a board-certified urologist, Dr. Rupp has extensive experience in performing vasectomies. Whether you have inquiries about the procedure or any other men’s health concerns, Dr. Rupp will provide comprehensive explanations and address your questions. Call our urology clinics in Topeka, Leavenworth, or Emporia, KS today at (785) 354-7877 to schedule your appointment.

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What is a Vasectomy?

A vasectomy is a form of birth control during which the vas deferens, the tubes that carry sperm, are cut. When the tube is cut, there is no way for sperm to be released from the penis. This procedure is considered a permanent form of birth control, but it is possible to have a reversal surgery should the patient change their mind in the future.

Benefits of a Vasectomy

It is recommended that men only get a vasectomy when they are certain that they no longer wish to have children. It is the preferred choice for many couples because:

  • The use of male birth control (condoms) or female birth control (pills, IUDs, etc.) is no longer needed.
  • The procedure is almost 100 percent certain to prevent pregnancy.
  • It is much less expensive than female sterilization.

What Methods do we Use to Perform a Vasectomy?

In most cases, a vasectomy will be performed in-office and is considered an outpatient procedure. Full-anesthesia is not required, only a local anesthetic is necessary. There are two ways to complete this procedure.

Traditional Vasectomy

Dr. Brad Rupp will use a scalpel to create two small incisions on either side of the scrotum. Dr. Rupp will remove a small section of the vas deferens. The tubes are tied, or cauterized so that they are closed and can no longer transport sperm.

No-Scalpel Vasectomy

A no-scalpel vasectomy does not use incisions, rather, Dr. Rupp is able to access the vas deferens through very small holes. No stitches are needed for this form of surgery.

What does the Recovery Look Like After a Vasectomy?

Immediately following a vasectomy, there will be bruising and swelling, but those symptoms should subside after a few days. Apply ice packs every few hours to help control these symptoms. Wear tight-fitting underwear so that the scrotum is provided extra support.

Get plenty of bed rest during the first week. At the very least, stay off of your feet for two or three days. Avoid bathing for about 48 hours because this will allow the incisions to heal faster and prevent infection. Take the antibiotics that your urologist provides.

Most Kansas patients are able to return to their normal lives after one week.

Can You have Sex After a Vasectomy?

Wait at least one week before having sexual intercourse. Keep in mind, you may not be sterile right away. Ejaculate may still contain sperm and may continue for several months after the procedure. After a few months, the urologist will check sperm levels to confirm that it is declining until it reaches zero.

The vasectomy will not affect your sex drive and orgasms. Occasionally, men feel a slight pressure in their testicles when aroused, but eventually, that feeling will go away.

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If you’re seeking a board-certified urologist with extensive experience in providing exceptional urologic care, look no further than Bradley W. Rupp, M.D. Board-certified urologist Dr. Rupp, based in Topeka and Leavenworth, KS, has been practicing for over 28 years and is highly regarded in the field. If you’re considering a vasectomy and would like to consult with a men’s health specialist, Dr. Rupp can provide the expertise and personalized care you need. To schedule your vasectomy or discuss any urologic concerns, contact Bradley W. Rupp, M.D. at (785) 354-7877 today. With his wealth of knowledge and commitment to patient well-being, Dr. Rupp can guide you towards a worry-free future.

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